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Restoring broken teeth has never been easier. This summer, improve your smile with tooth restoration treatments. If you have suffered tooth damage, you can reestablish your smile with one these helpful treatments:

– Dental crowns are a tooth restoration treatment that can completely conceal a tooth down to the gum line to not only give it the look you desire but also to prevent any future damage from occurring to the tooth.

– Dental fillings are great treatment options used to fill in the gaps for teeth that have been ravaged by cavities. Dental amalgams are suitable for large teeth and durability, while tooth-colored composites can be used to maintain the natural appearance of your teeth and are suitable choices for small and medium-sized cavities.

– Dental veneers are highly effective forms of cosmetic dentistry that are directly attached to the fronts of teeth and can take any problematic teeth and hide the damage or irregularities behind a beautiful façade.

– Teeth whiteners are designed to make your natural teeth whiter and brighter by eliminating deep stains and discolorations, with professional whiteners working by applying gel to your teeth that is safe, effective, and able to vastly improve the color of your teeth in a single day.

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