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There are many details on dentures that can help you understand them better if you are considering them. Dentures have been around for many years and are a successful form of smile restoration for people who have lost multiple teeth. The ability to speak and eat correctly is essential and often lost when too many teeth go missing. Luckily, dentures can help you keep eating and talking regularly.

Dr. Lawrence Gerhart offers dentures and is happy to give you the details on them. Additionally, our team is eager to share a list of information on many of the details about dentures.

Here is a list of denture details to help you:

– Complete Dentures: Complete dentures are designed to replace entire rows of teeth.
– Fragile: Dentures are fragile, so you will need to handle them with care.
– Customizable: Dentures can be crafted to slide into your mouth for a comfortable fit.
– Removable: Dentures are removable, so they can be taken out and easily cleaned.
– Partial Dentures: Partial dentures are designed for replacing a few missing teeth
– Longevity: Dentures are known for their longevity and can provide several decades of support for your smile.
– Repairs: If you need repairs to your dentures, bring them into our dentist.

If you have questions about getting dentures in Tucson, Arizona, or if you need help with your dentures, please call us today at 520-326-5442 to make an appointment. Our friendly and professional team is happy to assist you with your questions and concerns about your dentures and health care.