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Are you curious about what halitosis is? Halitosis is another name for bad breath, which is something we all struggle with here and there.

At the basic level, halitosis can be caused by microorganisms that live in our mouths. As they break up bits of food that did not make it all the way to the stomach, they can create acids and other products that can create a stench. However, halitosis can have many other causes.

The foods that we eat can make our breath offensive to others. Garlic has not earned its reputation unduly after all.

Sometimes, the root cause may not be in your mouth at all. Something in the nose or even in the lungs themselves can affect the smell of the air you exhale.

A bad case of halitosis may need to be checked out by the dentist, as it can be a sign of a developing problem that needs to be addressed. Gum disease is one such problem that can cause halitosis on a regular basis if not constantly.

If you have trouble keeping your breath in check, we will be happy to help you here at our office in Tucson, Arizona. Our dentist, Dr. Lawrence Gerhart, will try to track down the source so it can be dealt with. Call 520-326-5442, and we will help your breath smell sweet again.