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When a cavity goes without treatment at Dr. Lawrence Gerhart‘s dental office, the tooth decay will inevitably spread. This could also cause large cavities to develop on one or more of the neighboring teeth.

If you continue to procrastinate professional treatment you could suffer severe dental fractures or the loss of multiple teeth in that area of your mouth.

This is a custom shaped removable dental appliance that replicates the original teeth. It is essentially a smaller pair of dentures. It is anchored into a material that mimics the appearance of your natural gums. This also serves as a foundation to hold them tightly in your mouth.

To prepare the partial denture Dr. Lawrence Gerhart will cast a detailed impression of the area. This includes the surrounding gums, adjacent teeth, and the corresponding teeth in your bite. It will then be sent to a dental lab where your new partial is custom made to match your mouth.

Even though the partial will fit firmly in place, you might still want to use denture adhesive to secure it in place. This can also help to block food particles from getting between the gums and your partial.

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