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When the time comes to assess your oral health care, it is essential to always make a checklist of everything you are doing with your brushing and flossing techniques. If there is one area of your oral health care that may be lacking, it typically arises with your cleaning methods. When judging your flossing methods, look at precisely how you are flossing your teeth, and make sure you’re doing so gently, safely, slowly, and accurately to clean between each and every tooth.

To ensure you’re flossing effectively, it is important to make sure you are using effective products. Always look for a single filament threaded floss or similar floss that will not shred upon use. In addition, you can try using a water flosser which uses a beam of water instead of thread. If you have any questions or concerns about products to use, speak with your dentist for recommendations and suggestions.

To avoid contamination, using a new strand for each time you floss your teeth. Ideally, you should focus on flossing between your teeth on a daily basis roughly 2 to 3 minutes per session. Each session should include flossing between each and every tooth including your back row by making sure to floss on all sides of a tooth.

To prevent contamination, always make sure you’re using a different section of your thread between each tooth. To accomplish this, you should make sure you’re using a dental floss that is roughly 18 “ in length. This will allow the strand to be long enough, so you can move up and down as needed. To hold it, wrap an end of the strand gently around a finger on each hand.

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